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We are your source for aromatherapy, custom blending, yoga supplies, and natural spa products.  In addition to custom blending to fit your personal needs, Star Root makes its own line of massage oils, synergies, lotions, shower gels, perfumes, therapeutic oils and lotions, lip balms, pocket scent inhalers, bath salts, and more!

We have a wide selection of:

Aromatherapy Supplies – We offer supplies to meet all of your aromatherapy needs, including essential oils, carrier oils, and empty bottles and jars for your own blends. 


Books – We have a great selection of books on aromatherapy, as well as natural body care and other specialty subjects.


Diffusers – We carry these in all shapes and sizes!

Yoga Supplies – Books, videos, audio recordings, mats and mat bags, yoga straps and blocks, meditation cushions, Neti pots, and even yoga statuary!


Aromatherapy Candles – We carry many wonderful scents and colors, all made with 100% pure essential oils.


Massage Tools – Stone massage wands, wooden massage tools, and more!


Spa Accessories – Natural body brushes, eye pillows, natural sponges.


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