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Spirit Dancer Books & Gifts Spirit Dancer Books & Gifts

Spirit Dancer is more than just a bookstore!  We also carry a wide assortment of gifts and supplies to meet your needs.  Click here to learn more about our book selection, or read on to learn more about the products we carry at Spirit Dancer.  If you're interested in aromatherapy, click here to go to Star Root's page!

Altar Supplies—We have statuary from many traditions, malas, chalices, cauldrons, wands, athames, and offering bowls.

Incense -- From sage and smudge to traditional Japanese incense to aromatherapy incense made with real essential oils, we have all of the incense you need!  We also have many incense burners. 

Candles-- We have the right candle for every occasion, including unscented tapers and mini candles, spell candles, and the highest quality aromatherapy candles made with pure essential oils.  We also have a variety of candle holders and candle plates that are both beautiful and functional.

Crystals and Minerals -- over 100 varieties from Amethyst to Zincite!  Click here for more pictures of beautiful and unusual crystals and minerals!

Music -- In-store play of many of our music titles with a wide range of categories, including New Age, Relaxation, Chant, Celtic, Drumming, World Music, and Native American.

Crystal singing bowls and tuning forks – These instruments are used for healing and meditation.  Click here to read more about these items!  Look for upcoming sound-healing events on our Events  page.

Yoga Supplies --  Books, videos and DVDs, audio recordings, yoga mats and bags, yoga blocks and straps, neti pots, yoga statuary, yoga magazines, and more!

Meditation Supplies -- We have meditation cushions and benches, books, and guided meditations and guided relaxations on CD, tape, and video.

Feng Shui Supplies -- We have Egyptian and Swarovski Feng shui crystals, round and octagon shaped mirrors, bagua boards, red strings and tassels, wind chimes, I-ching coins, flutes, statuary and more.

Beads and Crafting Supplies -- All of the beads, findings, and tools to complete your latest project.

Jewelry -- We have unusual and spectacular gemstone jewelry, as well as beautiful, classic styles.  We also have a large selection of sterling silver pagan, Wiccan, and symbolic pendants.  We carry pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Journals -- blank and lined.

Flower Essences – Flower essences are vibrational essences of plants preserved in liquid form.  We carry Perelandra products and David’s Garden essences, as well as locally-made Lightheart flower essences which come with beautiful photographs of the flowers they were made with!  Click here to learn more about vibrational healing.

Divination Tools – We have a large selection of tarot cards and divination cards, as well as pendulums, dowsing rods, and runes.

Drums -- Log drums, bodhrans, hoop drums, rattles and more.

Cards -- Beautiful cards from inspirational artists.  Find the perfect card for any occasion!

Other Gifts -- Boxes, pouches, wind chimes, pewter figurines, silk chakra scarves, wall hangings and wall plaques, posters, faerie dust and faerie, stickers, pocket totems, and more!

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