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Glossary of Terms


Many who are new to Spirit Dancer and Star Root might like some clarity on the terms and descriptions found throughout this site.  Below is a sample glossary of some terms you may hear or see when you are in the store:


f       Aromatherapy - The art and science of using pure essential oils to bring the mind, body & spirit into balance.  For more definitions of terms used in aromatherapy, click here.

f      Essential Oils – These are highly concentrated volatile oils or “essences” taken from plant and tree materials.  For more definitions of terms used in aromatherapy, click here.

f     Holistic - Holistic healing focuses on viewing the body as a unified organism effected throughout even by seemingly isolated or specific conditions.  The body ceases to become something which needs to be given artificial health from outside but is instead fortified and brought back to its natural state of strength and resistance from within.  Some holistic healing practices include aromatherapy, herbalism, naturopathy, sound healing and vibrational healing.

f      Metaphysical - The topic of metaphysics refers to the studies and philosophies dedicated to understanding the nature of the universe and reality.  Many esoteric topics are included among metaphysics which explore the evolution of the human consciousness, the presence of universal  laws and energies, and the very structure of reality and states of being.

f       New Age - The original derivation of this term is disputable, but New Age originally referred to writings and philosophies which represented a new awareness in consciousness for the “New Age of Earth”.  Some ideas which are often referred to as “New Age” include the study of crystal energies, the wisdom of lost civilizations or beings beyond our everyday reality, human energy auras, and other studies not normally considered by modern science.

f      Paganism - Paganism is a form of “earth worship” originating in ancient Celtic traditions.  Paganism celebrates earth energies, the turning of the seasons, and the power of plant and animal wisdom. 

f       Wicca - Wicca is a very specific sect of Paganism, and is the official practice or “religion” of modern witches.  Most witches reject the idea of “black magic” and focus their faith and pursuits on “white” or natural earth-based magic.


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